Geraldine Community Resource Centre aims to provide for the social needs of people living in the wider Geraldine district. We support our community in a variety of ways, such as:

  • renting out rooms to social agencies based in Timaru and beyond at affordable rates so that they can provide their services locally for Geraldine people

  • advocating for social agencies to provide their services for Geraldine people

  • supporting not-for-profit groups and organisations by offering heavily discounted room rentals

  • providing information to Geraldine residents covering a wide range of local issues, resources, people and organisations

  • collating and publishing (in conjunction with The Geraldine News) a monthly Community Diary which informs Geraldine people of what is happening in our community each month

  • collating an annual Geraldine Events Calendar so that local people/groups know what is coming up and can plan other events accordingly

  • responding to local needs as and when these arise - please Contact Us if you wish to discuss a service you think we could/should be offering

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